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Jul 18

Updates on Aeolwyn's Legacy Demo v1.0.b2


Just wanted to throw an update up on what's happening with the Aeolwyn's Legacy demo to my wonderfully gigantic audience. Demo v 1.0.b2 is close to wrapping up. Lots of new features like Turn-based combat (Yes!), Item condition, breakage, and repair, and the inclusion of ranged combat and spellcasting for AI.


Also various bug fixes and sound effects.

New Posts
  • Just finished playing the demo. Really enjoyed it. No major game crashes and all the quests worked fine apart from the bandit fort which I had to do twice. Selling stuff seems a bit clunky and the rest until morning didnt work so if I was stuck in town I went and made a cup of tea. No music either however it is a demo and I am sure these thing swill get sorted in the final game which I cant wait to play. Is there a release date yet?
  • So I tried the demo, movement is smooth and I got to the 2nd quest (the towers) before I couldn't proceed. From what I can tell mechanics seem to be some 3.x variant. My thoughts: More control explanation: it took me a while to figure out typing 1-4 selected characters and double tapping the same key to bring up status screen. I did not figure out how to fight at all and was unable to get though the 2nd quest because of it. Character creation: fun races but it's very easy to get the maximum of 40 in both green stats by reducing red skills to a 5 and 6 and presto enough points to max both green stats. I suspect +15 might be unbalanced as weapons seem to do 1-10ish. On a personal note I think no required skill should be restricted to a single class to allow more party options. For example a thief is the only option for traps and cleric for healing. This limits party design a lot. I'm guessing soldier's plate mail and mage's damage magic are not critical to party design. Thank you for the hard work it looks lovely and shows the love and care.